Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cintiq error - no sync + go to sleep

Today I wasted hours trying to get my Cintiq monitor to work. My PC was not displaying the monitor. It did not even recognise it. I would start up windows and it would appear to be working until the Windows screen finished and then a box with "no sync" would quickly appear and then another saying "go to sleep". FRUSTRATING!

I scanned the Internet and everything I tried did not work. I change resolution and turned my computer on and off, reinstalled the software and the driver. I did find a solution. I swapped my monitor leads around and turned my computer back on and it worked. My computer discovered the Cintiq once again and instead of the "no sync" message I got a "configuration" box.

I thought i would share as I found many frustrated people looking for an answer. Good luck to those who find my post on the "no sync" + "go to sleep" error issue.

At least I can make a start after dinner maybe :-)

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Laurel said...

omg, I thought I was going to have to rush downtown to buy a new display adapter as I was having the same problem as you! your solution worked perfectly... though I don't think I'll ever understand why, haha. thank you

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